Episode 8: LTOs and Classics–Changing Appetites

Stay relevant to your customers with LTOs that feel true to your brand while adding excitement to the menu.

As restaurants begin to reopen, it’s critical for operators to strengthen their core offerings while using limited times offers to drive new traffic. In this episode, Chef Matthew Luaders of CSSI Marketing + Culinary, and Drew Kellogg, President and CEO of Oath Pizza, will share strategies and promotional ideas for operators looking to strike the right balance of LTOs and classic dishes on the menu.

Our experts will take you through the pros and cons of value-driven versus premium LTOs with real-world examples from the restaurant industry. They’ll walk you through the best opportunities for meal bundles and kits, along with key considerations for developing your own LTO.

You’ll also learn about proven strategies for promoting LTOs, keeping your customers informed, engaged and excited about what’s on your menu—and encouraging them to come back for repeat visits.

As you listen, be sure to follow along with our LTOs and Classics: Changing Appetites toolkit, available for free download. Leveraging insights from research firm Datassential, we’ll take a look at five areas of focus for creative, profit-boosting LTOs:

  1. Staying true to your roots
  2. Considering seasonality
  3. Being trendy
  4. Serving up the unexpected
  5. Knowing your customer demographics

And when it’s time to promote your LTO, we’ll show you where to put your time, energy and marketing investment.

  1. Point-of-sale materials
  2. Digital tools
  3. Word of mouth
  4. Community engagement

Menu innovation in the time of COVID-19 may not seem like a priority, but customers are hungry to get back to a sense of normalcy. We hope that by sharing tools and real-world success stories, we can help you achieve a winning menu mix of popular favorites and memorable new offerings.

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