Episode 6: Grand Reopening

The idea of being “open” has changed so much throughout the last few months, but as more restrictions are lifted and guest confidence returns, here are some ideas for driving traffic to your reopening — however grand or gradual it may be.

In the podcast portion of this installment, you’ll hear from chef Jessica Bograd of CSSI Marketing + Culinary as well as Tim Bade, the Chief Creative Director of Marlin Network. They’ll discuss what they’re seeing in the industry, examples of operations doing things right, and how you can drive traffic now and in the future.

Since the beginning of this new set of circumstances, communication has been critical, and nothing has changed there. In the toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Social media post examples
  • Traffic-driving promotional ideas
  • Tabletop sign and sticker templates
  • Creative outdoor signage samples

We’ll also explore the idea of “hygiene theater.” It’s the understanding that guests not only want a clean restaurant, they want to see cleaning procedures and practices. The tasks that used to be completed out of sight of customers now need to be communicated and highlighted in various places in restaurants.

Having to shut down and reopen a restaurant is a scenario few operators thought they would ever have to endure. As we begin to see an end in sight, there’s a feeling of shared hope that everyone in the foodservice industry can band together and emerge stronger than ever.

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