Episode 4: Your Menu Moving Forward

With the onset of COVID-19, restaurant operations across the country have been forced to change their businesses virtually overnight. Now, operators are taking a hard look at their menus— to determine what’s essential and what isn’t.

Listen to R&D Chef Charles Dottore of CSSI Marketing + Culinary and Chef Katie Thompson, Owner-Operator of Hank’s Texas BBQ share some approaches to adjusting the menu in response to this shift, and explore ways of turning those changes into momentum beyond the pandemic.

The forces driving menu changes (health and safety, availability, operational sustainability) have led, in their own ways, to simplification:

  • Nearly half of all foodservice locations are paring down food and beverage offerings.1
  • IFMA predicts menu simplification and SKU reduction are long-term post-pandemic trends.2

“This has been a rude awakening for excess. It’s time to eliminate things that don’t move on the menu. No more 3-4 page menus.”

—Chef Katie Thompson, Owner-Operator of Hank’s Texas BBQ

But simplification is only one part of the menu fortifying process. In our latest toolkit, we walk through four key steps toward future-proofing your menu:

  1. Simplify—We break down how to decide what ingredients and processes are sustainable moving forward, and which need to be reconsidered.
  2. Scale—We’ll cover ways you can build incremental revenue into your menu, and offer bulk menu templates.
  3. Price—It’s time to take a fresh look at menu pricing. We have some simple calculators to help.
  4. Communicate—Your guests can get behind most changes if they know why they’re made. Find out how and what to communicate.

There’s never been a better time to adapt your menu. We hope this toolkit and podcast give you the ideas to build on the things your guests love about your food, and the confidence to be open about those changes.

1–Datassentials Covid-19 Report 15
2– “Projected Long-term Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Foodservice Industry,” IFMA in conjunction with Kinetic12 Consulting, March 31, 2020.
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