Episode 3: Retail + Foodservice: The New Formula

Your Guide for Developing a Successful Retail Program

Even as state restrictions are lifted regarding dine-in service, capacity limits and consumer hesitation will force restaurants to continue building out creative takeout and delivery options. Restaurants can carve out a unique space by incorporating retail elements into their offerings.

Hear from research and development chefs Matthew Luaders and Renée Howarth of CSSI Marketing + Culinary as they discuss the types of retail offerings they’ve been seeing in restaurants (take-and-bake meals, DIY kits, home essentials and more) and how operators can differentiate themselves with retail offerings to maximize their revenue and foster a deeper connection to their communities.

“What’s the element that made your restaurant charming to begin with? For some, it’s a signature dish—for others, the atmosphere. How can you deliver an unforgettable experience to at-home diners?”

–Matthew Luaders, Culinary Research & Development Manager, CSSI Marketing + Culinary

Datassential statistics show that while consumers are hesitant to dine out, they truly miss their favorite restaurants. By incorporating retail elements into their menu offerings, restaurants can not only eliminate a stressful trip to the store for customers, but also cement their brand presence and maintain a meaningful connection with their community.

As you’re listening, be sure to download the Retail + Foodservice toolkit, a guide for helping you develop a successful retail program. To begin, we’ll define “retail in foodservice” and share inspirations for creating tailored packages that can help differentiate your restaurant. Next, the toolkit breaks down three crucial topics to consider when building your retail program: pricing, packaging and promotion. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Defining the five main categories of retail in foodservice
  2. Menu considerations – including inspiration examples
  3. Pricing – sample meal kit profit calculator
  4. Packaging – safety tips and recipe card templates
  5. Promotion ­– digital, onsite and social media templates; tips for going live on social media

The toolkit also includes ideas for adding a personal touch to your packages and covers how to make your ordering process as user-friendly as possible.

Episode 3: Retail + Foodservice - Restaurant H.E.L.P

Episode 3 Toolkit

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