Episode 11: The Rise of Restaurant Tech

Embracing technology to improve the customer experience.

Even pre-pandemic, technology was a restaurant owner’s best friend. Today, it’s an absolute necessity. Various services, third-party apps and automation help to streamline operations, improve safety measures and build loyalty during a time when positive customer experiences are crucial.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Nick Kokonas, CEO and founder of Tock, a groundbreaking reservation, pickup, delivery, event and platform, and Research and Development Chef Charles Dottore of CSSI Marketing + Culinary on how to harness restaurant tech to improve your operation and the customer experience. These experts discuss the benefits of investing in the right technology for your business, how operators are using tech to eliminate touchpoints, how to maximize the use of third-party delivery and reservation apps, and what the future of advancements in restaurant tech might look like.

As you’re listening, be sure to download the Rise of Restaurant Tech toolkit, a collection of resources to help you navigate the options and focus on technology that makes your operation safer, more efficient and more profitable. Here’s what to expect:

  • Five reasons to invest in technology
  • Tech consideration questions to get you started
  • Resources for choosing delivery and reservation platforms
  • How to set up a QR code menu
  • Tech evaluation checklist for your operation
  • Digital presence assessment – your owned web properties and other sites
  • “Where do I start?” – actionable steps to get the ball rolling

We hope this podcast and accompanying toolkit provide some guidance on using technology to your advantage as you work to improve employee and customer safety, streamline operations and keep your business profitable.

Rise of Restaurant Tech

Episode 11 Toolkit

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