Episode 1: Delivery Breakthrough

Keeping your brand intact and grow guest satisfaction through delivery

Food delivery was on the rise before the crisis, but restaurants are pouring their creative energies into finding new ways forward. People have formed new habits that can serve as new sources of revenue well into the future.

Hear from research and development chefs Thomas Talbert and Matthew Luaders of CSSI Marketing + Culinary as they discuss what they’ve been seeing in their markets as well as best practices on packaging food for delivery, marketing & promotions, and other topics regarding the rise of food delivery.

“Think about what the brand is your patrons expect — now how can you meet and exceed that presentation from food and beyond?”

—Thomas Talbert, R&D VP CSSI Marketing + Culinary

There’s good news in the industry with Datassentials telling us 75% of consumers feel truly comfortable and safe ordering delivery. This means people are confident today while also developing behaviors and routines they’ll carry forward once restrictions from the virus subside.

As you’re listening, be sure to also download the Delivery Breakthrough toolkit. You’ll find stats on the prominence of food delivery today and ways to set up or fine-tune your delivery processes for the future. Delivery is nothing new, but with the dependence upon it this year, it’s likely an occasion that consumers will incorporate into their routine more often going forward. Topics the toolkit explores:

  1. Your Delivery Menu — Includes menu templates
  2. Promoting Delivery On-Site — Features signage touchpoint guides
  3. Branding Your Fleet — See artwork you can copy to create your own
  4. Branding Your Delivery Staff
  5. Safe Delivery Packs
  6. Personalizing Your Delivery
  7. Loyalty in Delivery Program — Examples of promos, coupons, and vouchers
  8. Promoting Delivery
  9. Your Online Persona

Also discussed are tips on packaging food for delivery, growing your brand through expanded offerings, and the current state of delivery as well as predictions for the future.

Episode 1 Toolkit

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