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This podcast and toolkit series brings practical support to help weather this storm and prepare for the future.

The Podcast

Restaurant H.E.L.P. is taking over the Restaurant Masters podcast for a 12-episode series dedicated to helping operators re-open, grow and sustain their business. Hear from restaurateurs, chefs, and other foodservice professionals for advice on branding, leadership, team building and more topics affecting the industry now and in the future.

The Toolkits

Each episode is accompanied by a downloadable toolkit filled with insights, materials, guides and actionable content. Feel free to use the materials any way you’d like.

Latest Episodes

Episode 6: Grand Reopening

Sponsored by Tyson Foodservice, Grand Reopening brings you helpful advice and actionable insights on how to reopen in this new dining landscape.

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Episode 5: Guest Expectations in the New Normal

Sponsored by Tyson Foodservice, Guest Expectations in the New Normal explores how diners’ attitudes have shifted from simply wanting to enjoy a meal to knowing they’ll be safe as well.

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Episode 4: Your Menu Moving Forward

Sponsored by Bush’s Best®, hear R&D Chef Charles Dottore of CSSI Marketing + Culinary and Chef Katie Thompson, Owner-Operator of Hank’s Texas BBQ talk about making menu adjustments that set restaurants up for long-term success.

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Episode 3: Retail + Foodservice: The New Formula

Sponsored by Tyson Foodservice, listen in as R&D chefs Matthew Luaders and Renée Howarth of CSSI Marketing + Culinary discuss how restaurants can maximize their revenue stream and foster a deeper connection to their communities with retail offerings, ranging from take-and-bake meals and DIY kits to home essentials and...

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Episode 2: Winning Takeout

Sponsored by Tyson Foodservice, Winning Takeout brings you expert, actionable advice and insights from chefs Jessica Bograd and Peter Thornhill from CSSI Marketing + Culinary.

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Episode 1: Delivery Breakthrough

Sponsored by Tyson Foodservice, listen in as R&D chefs Thomas Talbert and Matthew Luaders of CSSI Marketing + Culinary discuss what they’ve been seeing in their markets as well as other topics regarding the rise of food delivery.

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Behind The Mic

Lauren Wion​

Lauren Wion

Show Host

Lauren is a multimedia journalist and producer specializing in new media platforms, with a BS in Broadcasting and Advertising/Public Relations.  

Chef Thomas Talbert

Thomas Talbert, RD

Vice President, Culinary Marketing
at CSSI Marketing + Culinary
As head of the culinary strategy and marketing team, Thomas leads chefs and account planners in creative culinary development and innovation for the foodservice industry.

Matthew Luaders

Culinary Research & Development Manager
at CSSI Marketing + Culinary

Matthew manages CSSI’s manufacturer clients’ research and development initiatives, developing unique menu concepts for top restaurant chains.

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