Episode 7: Specialty Beverage Boost

Sponsored by Chobani®, Specialty Beverage Boost brings you helpful advice and actionable insights on how to make the most of this lucrative opportunity.

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Episode 8: LTOs and Classics–Changing Appetites

Sponsored by Tyson Foodservice, this episode explores strategies and promotional ideas for operators looking to strike the right balance of LTOs and classic dishes on the menu. Learn how restaurants can strengthen their core offerings while using LTOs to drive new traffic.

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Episode 9: Meaningful Email Marketing

Sponsored by Conagra Foodservice, Meaningful Email Marketing details the importance of maintaining regular communication with your customers—and provides tips for making the most of this highly effective and affordable platform.

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Episode 10: Jump-Start Your Social Media

Sponsored by Custom Culinary®, Jump-Start Your Social Media offers up some useful advice and actionable insights to help you make the most of this essential communication tool.

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Episode 11: The Rise of Restaurant Tech

Brought to you by Marlin Network, The Rise of Restaurant Tech brings you CEO and Founder of Tock Nick Kokonas and R&D Chef Charles Dottore talking about the necessity and asset of new technology solutions that can make your operation safer, more efficient and more profitable.

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Episode 12: Raising Spirits

Brought to you by Marlin Network, Raising Spirits offers up simple ways to innovate your adult beverage menu to generate revenue and excitement.

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